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Film fronts privacy statement - Filmfronts handling of your user data

- All your user data is personal at Filmfront, we do not share or sell your user data.
- You controls who you share your movie collection data with.
- All your dice rolls are only used by the filmfront to generate average scores on movies and actors.
- The reviews you write will be shown on each movie if they are presentable enough, if not only you can see them.
- You can see info on your profile about which dice rolls and which movies you have marked as seen. This data will not be linked elsewhere as long as you do not write a film review, since then you will be credited as author of it.
- You do not get customized advertising on the film front.
- Filmfront uses cookies to log traffic with Google Analytics. © Filmfront AS 2021 Les mer om filmfront

   Alle navn, merkenavn og bilder er copyright til de respektive eiere og skapere.